Art Projects

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The Shifters

The collection is avaialble to purchase, all prints are individually signed by Doctor Troller.

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Crocs League

Crocs League is a collection of 4,444 unique crocodiles that live in the Ethereum wetlands.

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The Skull Squad

Skull Squad is a Genesis collection of 444 West Side Gangsters Skulls From Hell.

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Virtual Gallery Tour

Step inside our virtual gallery to see a choice selection of artwork.

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If you would like your artwork to be featured in the Gallery, please contact us today.

Others Projects

Clone My NFT

Keep a copy of any NFT you own, so if you sell the original you can still appreciate the artwork in your wallet.

All NFT that you clone will exist permanently on the mainnet blockchain on a separate contract, protecting your asset in case the original one stops working.

The original NFT plus the new clone are both kept safely in your wallet, and when you choose to sell the original, the duplicate will stay in your wallet.

NFT My Whip

We aim at providing the possibility for everyone to travel in the Metaverse with their real-life whip.

Once you have your NFT, you will automatically be enrolled into our massive airdrop for your own personalised smart 3D car key, especially for your whip, direct to your wallet as a thank you.

We are also developing our own branded merchandise store with top quality materials and a stylish look.


Breed Coin is a collection of 46,600 limited edition luxury NFT Coins of pedigree and popular mixed breeds of dogs.

It is a celebration of all the Worlds best dog breeds, from Afghan Hounds to Yorkshire Terriers, from Shar Peis to Shih Tzus, and they will be represented on a unique minted NFT. The collection will also include several new trending designer dog breeds, like the labradoodle, cockapoo and schnoodle, which have become hugely popular in the past ten years.


Students convert exam results into NFTs on and sell on for a profit.

Graderzzz is an NFT Collection of 20,000 past and current Exam Results uploaded and converted into NFTs by students with an inflated secondary market (OpenSea) profit potential value based on the educational institution, course names and course grades.

This model is designed to help students meet their full academic potential by funding further education by converting their exam results into NFTs.


If you are interested in investing in any of these projects, or future projects as they are started, please contact us.

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