The Shifters

In ancient times the Kings of England created huge metal knights to ward off attacks from foreign invaders. These 40-foot tall statues in shining armour were placed up and down the coast as a warning to all enemies.

Folklore has it that the King's magician created a dark spell that could awaken these sleeping knights when the country needed them most. For years they kept the peace and Britain's enemies stayed away for fear the knights would rise up against them.

Generations came and went and the giant guardians fell into disrepair, battered by the elements relentless erosion.

The people forgot the magical powers of these metal knights and these once mighty monuments fell into the sea and drifted out of living memory, becoming little more than a legend.

Until by chance they were discovered in 1983 by a Soviet nuclear submarine on patrol in the North Sea. The Red Army were staggered by the size and power of these ancient warriors, and mounted a major operation to bring them all to their arctic naval base in Murmansk.

In top security Soviet laboratories they were armed with the latest military grade weapons and computer systems. The program was conducted under the utmost secrecy under the title of Operation Shifter.

These “Shifters” were customised, some with tank tracks, others with helicopter rotors, or jet propulsion and they were split into four project teams (Vortex, Magnitude, Pentagon and Velocity).

The plan was to return the Shifters all around the world, as sleeper agents, under the sea, off the coast of the UK, USA, China and Arabia, to be awoken in the event of an invasion.

But Operation Shifter started to go wrong, badly wrong. The Shifters started to take on a mind of their own and couldn't be controlled by their Soviet masters.

Western intelligence picked up on Red Army reports of a huge explosion at the Murmansk naval base but what actually happened remains a mystery. In 1991 when the Soviet Union broke apart, the top secret locations of all the Shifters disappeared, UK and US governments had hoped that the digital GPS codes of these mythical warriors have been destroyed or lost, but now they can be revealed.

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