Chelsea-based digital artist “Doctor Troller” is the alter ego of a creative street troller and prankster borne from the streets of London. Known for his disruptive visual and multimedia art style, Doctor Troller’s surreal, inflammatory videos and digital art pieces are designed to ignite controversy and spark debate. Doctor Troller’s art pieces are typically conceived as a video before developing into varying forms of digital art.

The artist often depicts real life interactions between himself and female characters in startling, controversial forms within unusual settings that provoke powerful emotional reactions and kindle debate. A troller from birth, the artist had a strong affinity for art as a child. Although he didn’t draw or paint, his dyslexia drove him to innovate beyond traditional art forms. He began to build an artistic bridge through his physicality and body actions, which brought him a sense of gratification and release.

Doctor Troller describes his creative drive as a passion of expression through physical action to trigger controversy, as he lives for its reactions. Doctor Troller is currently working on his latest series of digital art videos entitled ‘A Troller’s Parable’.